Thursday, October 31, 2013

SHINE ON - Entry in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Amy over at Amy's Creative Side has been holding a Blogger's Quilt Festival since 2009.  The online quilt candy contests have been timed to coincide with Quilt Market in the Fall and Spring of each year.

Voting for favorites in each category is Nov 1-7
Winners will be announced Nov 8

This is my entry in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) Quilt category.  I really appreciate your consideration of it for your vote: 

SHINE ON was made for a musician friend's 50th birthday.  She was really freaked out about turning 50.

I love rainbows and bright colors.

When I saw the awesome quilts in the "Made in Cherry" quilt along, I knew I'd found the perfect birthday gift.

I spent an entire day arranging colors on my design wall to get the right amount of "movement" from color to color and pastel to dark.

A trip to Ikea produced the wonderful print background fabric.  The random names of numbers written in slate script were perfect for my message.  (A second return trip across town to Ikea was required when I cut the triangles in the wrong direction -- live and learn.)

I quilted random stars and loops, further echoing the theme that your age is "just a number" and stars always remember to SHINE ON!

This ended up at 90"x90"
It's pictured on a king sized bed.

I am currently in the process of making a similar quilt for a customer.


  1. So gorgeous! Your colour work here is amazing - I love how they all blend together lightly in the middle but get deeper and more saturated towards the tips of the stars!

  2. I love this quilt! The ikea fabric gives it a great twist!

  3. Fantastic! Love the color transition in the star! This would definitely take the edge off of turning 50!

  4. Really lovely! The vibrant colours and Ikea print go so well together.

  5. Beautiful! I love the scrappy effect with the squares.